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This site is the place where I share my private pictures, videos, and an occasional thought. I used to use the fakebooks and twitters. But the privacy there is so lousy you can just as well publish it all directly on the web. And that is what I do here…

The pictures are categorised in City, Nature and Travels. Of course, these categories are not exclusive. Cities have nature, and one even can travel there. The categories are useful as a filter. Making photos is just a thing I do like everyone else. No fancy cameras or anything, I use my phone or occasionally a simple point-and-shoot.

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I am born in 1972 in Gelderland, The Netherlands. After my secondary education in Veenendaal, I moved to Amsterdam to study musicology at the UvA.

Currently I am a Software Engineer for NextPax in Almere. Before I was employed at TomTom as Data & Software Analyst and Web Developer.

There are also some extra pages available, most made quite some time ago, but which I like to still include in this site:

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I do not mind if you want to use material from this site, but please let me know and make a reference.

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