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On this website I share my photos, videos and the occasional thought. Previously I also used the Facebooks and Twitters as everyone seems to do nowadays. But there is so much noise with those services that I like sharing it more on my own page.

The photos are organised in a number of categories; City, Nature and Travels. Of course these categories are not exclusive, cities also have nature! But they can help you find what you are looking for.

Some posts also have a road map at the bottom. You can download the GPX files if you want to walk the route yourself.

.. the author

I was born in 1972 in Gelderland, The Netherlands. After my secondary education in Veenendaal, I moved to Amsterdam to study sociology and musicology at the University of Amsterdam.

Currently I am working at NextPax in Almere as a Software Engineer. Previously I worked at TomTom as Data & Software Analyst and Web Developer.

Taking pictures is just something I do, just like everyone else. I don’t use fancy cameras or anything, but generally just my phone. Or sometimes a simple point-and-shoot.

There are also a few extra pages available, mostly made quite some time ago. But I like to still include them: