Winter is the coldest season of the year in polar and temperate climates, between autumn and spring. Winter is caused by the axis of the Earth in that hemisphere being oriented away from the Sun. Different cultures define different dates as the start of winter, and some use a definition based on weather. When it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere, and vice versa. In many regions, winter is associated with snow and freezing temperatures. The moment of winter solstice is when the sun’s elevation with respect to the North or South Pole is at its most negative value (that is, the sun is at its farthest below the horizon as measured from the pole).

The Amsterdam Admiralty and later the Dutch Navy used this terrain in the centre of Amsterdam. Since 2015 this area is bit by bit given back to the city. Next to the 17th century Gate House and the Arsenal, most buildings date from the 20th century with some fine specimens […]

Marineterrein Amsterdam

Winter in Amsterdam has been extremely soft and warm until now. Look at all the flowers, it’s (almost like) spring!

Winter in Amsterdam