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Morocco has become one of my favorite destinations. Despite being relatively close to home, it is an exotic destination for me. Sometimes you imagine yourself in an earlier episode of European history, sometimes in the future, sometimes in a fairy tale from a thousand and one nights. Picturesque, ugly, wonderfully fragrant, smelly. Everything is there in Morocco.


Rabat is the capital of modern Morocco. And you can see that. The buses have windows and air conditioning, the sidewalks are complete and clean. Here the money is spent.


The city is perhaps less beautiful than the imperial cities, but here you meet hospitable people and taste the real Morocco.


City of Marrakech, city of soeks, medina, Koutabia and smog. Where horses and donkeys are still forms of motorisation. Great food, splendid palaces and annoying merchants. Go there yourself if you can…

Ourika Valley

The Ourika Valley is just half an hour drive from the city of Marrakech in Morocco. Although the travel guides say this valley is relatively unspoiled, this only counts for the Atlas mountains around, not the villages. They are very spoiled, but also very colourful!