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Some of the routes I’ve walked. A download link is included if you want to follow in my steps!


The Naardermeer (Lake Naarden) is one of the oldest private natural parks of the Netherlands. Amsterdam wanted to fill this area with garbage, but now it is a vital refuge for all sorts of birds.

‘t Hoge Gooi

A Sunday morning walk from station Naarden-Bussum to the forests and heaths in the more Northern part of ‘t Gooi

Four Heaths

A special walk starting at station Naarden-Bussum; a walk over four heaths. It should have been five, but it was quite cold. So, another time I’ll give you all five of them around my village! In order; Tafelberg-, Blaricummer-, Wester- and Bussumerheide.

Landgoed de Beek

A Sunday Morning walk around my new village Bussum towards Landgoed de Beek, an estate next to the village. As you can see, the village is built on a bit hilly area with little brooks and lakes. And I have the feeling I really live in the smallest apartment in […]


My new village Bussum is twinned with the fortified city of Naarden. The city is nice, but the fortifications are magnificent. Worth the trip!

Going Around Bloomingdale

Another hike through the Kennemerduinen close to Haarlem. Starting in Santpoort Noord through the dunes to the beach, over the beach to Bloemendaal aan Zee, then through the dunes to Overveen. Nice walk if you are travelling by train. But please pick a quiet day if you prefer a quiet […]