Oh no, got myself a colour book app and I actually like doing it… It is bit fake as it’s hard to colour outside the lines, so the result is always close to perfect. Aren’t they pretty?

Colouring Book

I’ve tried to make a time-lapse biking from Amsterdam West to ODE. Just made a miscalculation in the speed, so it goes a bit too fast!

West to ODE

The Amsterdam local newspaper shows every year areal pictures of Amsterdam in the serie ‘Amsterdam Onbewolkt’. Head over to their page to read more about this nice project! Het Parool – Amsterdam Onbewolkt

A’dam Onbewolkt

Shot with a TomTom Bandit from the western tower – 30th floor – of 65 St Mary Street. Toronto should more aptly be named the Crystal City with this staggering amount of glass high-rise.

Toronto’s Chrystal Towers

A one hour walk from the station in Geldermalsen to restaurant 3 Zussen (three sisters) in Meteren, Gelderland, The Netherlands. Filmed with a TomTom Bandit in 1 second timelapse mode.

Bandit Walk

These are some of my cats. Do you have a favourite?

Catz @ Home