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Catz @ Home

I collect cat figures. Preferably in wood. These are some of my cats. Do you have a favourite?

Bussum in postcards and old pictures

Bussum is a relatively young village. Only when the train connection to Amsterdam was established did the village start to grow. It is amazing how the village has changed in these 150 years.


Mijn buurman, de shoarmaman, had een leuk cadeau voor zijn buren met het Suikerfeest. Het was helaas geen delicatesse, maar een provisorisch geïnstalleerde ventilator aan de achterzijde. Waarschijnlijk om het een of ander te koelen. Maar helaas hield deze mij vrijwel iedere nacht uit mijn slaap. Na klagen vond hij […]

New Home

After living in Amsterdam for a long, long time, I am moving out of the city. I am going to rent an apartment in Bussum, half an hour from Amsterdam. It is a small apartment, but it is flooded with light, right in the heart of the village and next […]

Train Stations

I don’t have a car; I don’t even have a driving license! So, I see a lot of train stations. Ugly, old, modern, beautiful, they come in all variations. I’ll share some…

Beter Leven Sterren

Hopelijk heb je de Beter Leven sterren van de Dierenbescherming gezien op vlees en eieren in de Nederlandse supermarkten, en let je hierop bij het kopen van producten. De Dierenbescherming heeft simpele infographics gemaakt wat deze sterren nu eigenlijk inhouden. Deze zouden op posters in de supermarkten moeten hangen! Uiteraard […]

Metro Station Rokin

Yesterday people interested could take a peak preview of the artwork in the new metro Station Rokin in Amsterdam. The items on the walls represent things found while digging out the station. Oddly satisfying to see an upside-down duck, or a (stoned?) upside down shrimp.

Amsterdam City Residence

The mayor of Amsterdam lives in one of the canal houses on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. Like a lot of these houses, they look quite simple from the outside, but are palaces from the inside. And I wouldn’t say no to a garden the size he has! The city of […]


The Old Church in Amsterdam is the oldest building of the city. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful experience here, a concert in a dark church during sunrise. Broken mirrors on the floor like pools of water – an exposition of Marinus Boezem – scattered the light on the […]

Traffic on the IJ

A beautiful time-lapse of the traffic on the IJ. The IJ, the waterway splitting Amsterdam in two, is one the busiest waterways in the Netherlands. Can’t stop looking at this time-lapse, especially the ferries crossing between all the other traffic.