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I am no professional photographer, nor even a serious amateur. I just like to make pictures with my phone or a simple camera. You might notice there‚Äôs hardly people in it. Why? I really have no idea…

Zanderij Cruysbergen & Bussummerheide

Walk from Naarden-Bussum via Zanderij Cruysbergen to the Bussummerheide and via the village back to the station. Enough opportunity for a drink or snack in the last kilometres! Sorry for the quality of the pictures, my telephone obviously had a bad camera day…


From station Naarden-Bussum a walk around the Hilversumse Meent.


The Naardermeer (Lake Naarden) is one of the oldest private natural parks of the Netherlands. Amsterdam wanted to fill this area with garbage, but now it is a vital refuge for all sorts of birds.

‘t Hoge Gooi

A Sunday morning walk from station Naarden-Bussum to the forests and heaths in the more Northern part of ‘t Gooi