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The city is a collection of albums made in or around cities and villages. Beautiful architecture, parks, or just an odd detail. And an occasional stranger. I love just walking around in cities.


City of Marrakech, city of soeks, medina, Koutabia and smog. Where horses and donkeys are still forms of motorisation. Great food, splendid palaces and annoying merchants. Go there yourself if you can…

New Job, New Tower

The last months I haven’t posted many new pictures. I have a new job, and not much time left after travel to make many pictures. Therefore, some pictures from my new office building, and the view from it.

From Rotterdam with Rain

Sometimes one thinks; why don’t we spend the weekend in Rotterdam? It really isn’t such a bad city. But why does it always rain there?

Walking Around Valkenburg

May days in South Limburg are perfect for a little walking trip. Little rivers, valleys, castles, water mills, ancient churches, it’s all there in walking distance from Valkenburg. For shopping, made a little trip to Li├Ęge in Belgium.

Metro Station Rokin

Yesterday people interested could take a peak preview of the artwork in the new metro Station Rokin in Amsterdam. The items on the walls represent things found while digging out the station. Oddly satisfying to see an upside-down duck, or a (stoned?) upside down shrimp.

Early Blossom

I made the same pictures last year, but on April 10. So, the blossom is almost three weeks earlier! Climate change is horrible and destructive, but this is a nice present today…

Spring is Coming

Winter is being chased away; the birds sing all night and flowers are springing up. Can’t wait…!

Rainy Dublin

Ireland proved itself by showing us it’s rainy and stormy character. We didn’t expect nice weather, but a full weekend of storm, rain and hail was pushing it to the limit.


The Old Church in Amsterdam is the oldest building of the city. I was lucky enough to have a beautiful experience here, a concert in a dark church during sunrise. Broken mirrors on the floor like pools of water – an exposition of Marinus Boezem – scattered the light on the […]