Category: Video

West to ODE

I’ve tried to make a time-lapse biking from Amsterdam West to ODE. Just made a miscalculation in the speed, so it goes a bit too fast!

Rideau Lakes Road

Shot while driving from Kinston, Ontario, Canada to Ottawa.

Toronto’s Chrystal Towers

Shot with a TomTom Bandit from the western tower – 30th floor – of 65 St Mary Street. Toronto should more aptly be named the Crystal City with this staggering amount of glass high-rise.

Bandit Walk

A one hour walk from the station in Geldermalsen to restaurant 3 Zussen (three sisters) in Meteren, Gelderland, The Netherlands. Filmed with a TomTom Bandit in 1 second timelapse mode.

Deck the Halls

My sister gave me this little music box several years ago. Filmed it with my photo camera, and I forgot to close the window, so the quality could be better…


Friends gave me this spritz maker. It doesn’t look impressive, but it works!