Cuijk – Groesbeek – Nijmegen

Another two day hike. The first day over the Mookerheide and around the St. Jansberg to Groesbeek. Second day from Groesbeek over the Devil’s Mountain and through the Philosopher’s Valley to Nijmegen.

Besides the local names, this is truly one of the most fairytale parts of the Netherlands. Heaths overlooking the flat lowlands, paths along a canal on a hill like in Madeira, and idyllic small valleys.

You can make this walk yourself by downloading the GPX files under the maps. But note, this walk is not everywhere easy. There are some very steep parts on bad pathways. And there is on both on them a good terrace halfway.

Day 1: Cuijk to Groesbeek

Download file: 20180804_Cuijk_Groesbeek.gpx

Day 2: Groesbeek to Nijmegen

Download file: 20180805_Groesbeek_Nijmegen.gpx
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