The Grote Kerk in Naarden has one of the most beautiful vaults in the Netherlands. The entire barrel vault has been painted and fully preserved. The paintings were made between 1509 and 1518. On the north side is depicted the Passion of Christ from the New Testament. In contrast, on the south side, comparable events from the Old Testament can be seen. In the apse these come together in a representation of The Last Judgment.

The paintings are currently being restored and a scaffolding has been placed on the supporting beams. Visitors can climb the scaffolding (in small groups due to Covid-19) and get a closer look at the barrel vault. This is of course a unique opportunity to see the richness of these late medieval gems.

Most New Testament paintings are copies of woodcuts by famous artists such as Jacob Corneliszoon van Oostsanen or Albrecht Drürer. The Old Testament images are partly based on prints from the Poor Bible, the Biblia Pauperum. It is not known who painted the barrel vault.


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